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Rename Master 3.0.3

Quick, quality bulk file renamer

Rename Master is a comprehensive freeware file renamer that will allow you to perform complicated bulk renaming operations at the click of a mouse. View full description


  • Multile naming options
  • Very flexible
  • Save renaming scripts for future use
  • Portable


  • Looks complicated at first glance
  • Not very polished

Very good

Rename Master is a comprehensive freeware file renamer that will allow you to perform complicated bulk renaming operations at the click of a mouse.

This application is a functional program - don't expect flash graphics or snazzy extras. What Rename Master will give you, however, is amazing control over how and what you rename, which is perfect when you have a lot of files you want to change. The program works using scripts, or lists of instructions about what to change.

Rename Master uses multiple-level instructions, so you can change more than one aspect of the file's name in a single renaming operation. The program offers a default script, which covers the basics and then some. If you want to create and save your own, however, you'll be able to.

Rename Master works quickly and smoothly, even with lots of files. There's also a preview function, so if you make multiple changes to a file you'll be able to see what the finished version will look like even before Rename Master gets to work.

Rename Master is a powerhouse of a renaming program - get it while you can.


  • New:(Renaming Script)
  • - drag-and-drop reordering
  • - new 'Split and Move' renaming step, designed for similarly named file groups
  • - [Skip/Execute] step updated with new options
  • - [Skip/Execute] step now indents affected steps
  • - [Remove Expression] new option added to this step
  • - steps now show line numbers
  • - button add for clearing only disabled steps or all steps
  • - updated the 'Insert' popup menu
  • - highlighted variables can now be clicked on and manually edited
  • New(Configuration>Renaming Script)
  • - option to disable the Format Highlighted popup
  • - option to show/hide the Up and Down buttons on steps
  • New:(Path) Breadcrumb style path control
  • - UNC shares supported
  • - recent history
  • New: Completely reworked of the Insert Variable window
  • - interface simplified
  • - example formats added to date formatting options
  • - created a new variable for the current filename without the extension
  • - date correction options added in the formatting options
  • - button added for disabling variables not found in the selected JPEG file
  • - target edit control visually changed while window is open
  • New:(Filelist)
  • - added a right-click popup menu to the filelist
  • - updated the columns right-click menu
  • New:(Case & Wildcards) option for additional word separator characters
  • New:(File Tags window)
  • - opens using the filelist right-click menu
  • - preliminary XMP tag support for JPEGs added
  • - right-click menu copy tag names and values
  • New:(Excluded Files)
  • - excluded files automatically unchecked when the file list is refreshed
  • - files unchecked instead of hidden
  • New:(Textfile Tab)
  • - Added a Textfile Wizard window for importing data from a text file
  • - Added Matching settings for the Textfile tab
  • New:(File Menu)
  • - (View>Column Sizes) Improved the Fit Screen option to remain proportional
  • - option to generate a batch file
  • - (View>Toolbar) control replaced
  • New:(Folder Tools) updated the popup menu
  • Fix:(Renaming Script)
  • - reworded Add Counter step
  • - file selections preserved if loaded script does not contain Path and Filter settings
  • - problem when loading a script with no steps
  • - scrollwheel issues
  • Fix:(Add to Beginning/Ending) 'only on a name collision' option
  • - file with no extension not processed correctly
  • - certain meta-variables not process correctly, like Date Modified
  • Fix:(Filelist)
  • - Explorer context menu not showing "Open With" or "Share" submenu items
  • - "New Column" menu item not always executed
  • - column size sometimes too small to show header text
  • - tooltip not always removed after a manual edit
  • - minor fixes to the Folder Browser pane
  • - multiselect issues for right-click and lasso selected
  • Fix:(Check/Uncheck by wildcards) - Escape key will now close window
  • Fix:(Remove Expression) made text case insensitive
  • Fix:(Split and Remove) issue with full name matching
  • Fix: main window buttons changed for Large Font compatibility
  • Fix: "Send To" option not checking files

Rename Master is a FREE utility for renaming large groups of files with a few clicks. Anyone that has worked with websites, file archives, or collections of music, videos, or pictures has probably spent way too much time renaming hundreds of files. This utility will add, remove, or replace parts of the filename with ease and also supports renaming via file properties, MP3 tags, JPEG JFIF and EXIF tags. Batch renaming that's simple to use, yet still very powerful.


  • Intelligent number sorting
  • JPEG/MP3 tag support and many more Meta-Variables
  • Auto-Preview support
  • "Scripts" to save commonly used renaming options
  • [*] and [?] command prompt style wildcards for replacing and remove options
  • "Undo" button so a renaming operation can be rolled back
  • Floating thumbnail window for viewing pictures and optional thumbnail file list view
  • Optional Explorer integration for right-clicking on folders or using "Send To"

Rename Master


Rename Master 3.0.3

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